Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas Part Two

Wow, I have gotten behind on my blogging! Now that the holidays are over (and Eli is napping) I can finally sit down and do a recap!

Christmas weekend was spent at my parent's house in Georgia! We left on Thursday and it took an HOUR to get out of our town and on the road thanks to last minute Christmas shoppers who were all at the Galleria!

On Christmas Eve (Friday), we spent most of the day hanging around the house and playing with Eli. I feel like that's all that we ever do when we go home... but hey its fun! Eli is smiling and laughing a lot more! It is so much fun to engage him in a "conversation" full of babble! That night Grandma came over and we had our somewhat traditional Christmas Eve dinner of Penne ala Vodka and Steak (Daniel always LOVES this meal -- actually I think he just likes my mom's cooking in general!). That night we also opened our Christmas Presents! Eli got a bunch of clothes and small gifts from both of his great grandmothers, but the gift he loved the most was his Jumparoo from Nonna and Pops! It was so funny to see him in it because his feet don't reach the ground yet! Now whenever he sits in it he gets a very serious face and concentrates on his toys!

You'll never guess what Daniel and I got from mom and dad... another CAMERA!! Haha! I guess everyone knew that we were in serious need!
On Christmas Day my family never really does anything special. Growing up we would wait til Christmas morning and then gradually as we got older this changed. First we would open one present on Christmas Eve night and then wait til Christmas morning for the rest. Then dad started working on Christmas so we started opening everything on Christmas Eve night. Now we don't even exchange gifts (or at least we aren't supposed to... cough momanddad cough). But if we did we would open them Christmas Eve night and save our stockings for Christmas morning. Confusing I know, but that's how the McNichols do it. After all, its not really about the gifts is it?

Daniel and I have our own special Christmas tradition that we started in 2008. In 2008 we celebrated our Christmas engagement with dinner and a movie. However, the only restaurants open on Christmas were all Chinese places! So now every Christmas we pick a movie to see (that we later buy when it comes out on DVD) and go out to Chinese. We also save outr ticket stubs and fortunes! We plan on continuing this tradition as our family grows over the years! There is just something magical about being the only two people feasting on rice in a Chinese restaurant on Christmas! Lol! This year for our movie choice we saw Tangled and it was SO good!
We stayed at mom and dads for an additional 2 days after Christmas and had a blast! We played games, watched movies, and just sat around talking. Here are some pictures from that weekend:

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