Monday, August 12, 2013

9 Month Update on Jude

Jude is now 9 months! I can't believe time is flying so fast. It seems even faster than it went with Eli....
That's just not fair.

Jude is now 19 pounds 13 ounces and 29 inches.

Jude is definitely a unique personality in our house. He is really starting to show WHO he is and WHO God made him to be, other than another cute face to kiss!

I always say that Jude is my "introvert" baby and that Eli "talks enough for the two of them". It's true.
Eli and Jude are completely different in this regard. Jude is more of a quiet observer. He will usually only babble if there are just a few people around and only to someone he is comfortable with. His personality really blossoms in the quiet and peaceful moments.

Jude is also extremely patient. Maybe this is a trait of younger siblings, but I think that maybe it is unique to him as a person too. He really does have more patience than me! He allows Eli more grace than is deserved on a daily basis. He let's Eli roll all over him, pinch his cheeks, get in his face, pull him around, put toys on his head, etc. and takes it all in stride. Don't get me wrong, Eli definitely knows how to push Jude's buttons, but overall he is a champ.

Jude is a cuddler. As much of an introvert he may be, he will not pass up the chance to cuddle. Whether it be someone he knows or someone he has just met, he will take some lovin' any day of the week. When a stranger or person he's not around very much picks him up he always gives them a stare down... but he is pretty much content with anyone after this initial stare down. It's like he has to check out who this new person is and look at every feature before he is content.

Jude really, really adores his big brother. When he wakes up in the morning his first "words" are "bruh, bruh" which is what he calls Eli. He is always looking for him when Eli isn't in the room. When Eli is playing, Jude wants to go play by him or sit by him. When Eli is eating, Jude is right next to him looking at what he's doing. When Eli is acting like a crazy toddler, Jude is entranced! I love this bond that they are creating. I pray that it only strengthens as they grow older.

One of Jude's quirks that I absolutely LOVE is when he "rears up" on his legs in the middle of a crawl. He will do this when he is playful, when he wants to catch my eye or giggle with me, when he wants to hold up a toy, and mostly whenever Eli is being silly and he starts to get excited. It is so precious! I will be sad when he starts to walk and isn't doing this anymore!

Speaking of crawling, this little boy is always on the move. Usually because he is chasing Eli. He is crawling around so much that he is starting to get callouses on his little knees! They are usually bright red by the end of the day! I need to get him some knee guards! Not only is he crawling, but he is pulling up on everything, cruising around furniture, and when I am standing still he will "stand up" next to me and hold on to my pants/shorts. He is a busy bee. However, he seems to be more cautious than Eli was. He doesn't really let go of any support while standing and if he does it by accident he gets a terrified look on his face! He is just not ready to walk yet!

About a week and a half ago Jude's top teeth (and a surprise bottom right one) FINALLY cut through! They were giving him so much trouble! A runny nose, BAD sleep, pink cheeks, and sore gums. The poor baby was drooling up a storm and chewing on his tongue constantly! He was waking up every 2-3 hours and sometimes staying awake for 2-3 hrs on top of that! It was a bad couple of weeks, but now that they are through we have a happier baby... albeit the sleep has not drastically improved!

Despite his new chompers, Jude is still not really into food! It is such a different experience from Eli! He is just NOT interested. He likes pureed baby food okay, but doesn't seem to WANT to eat it. Whenever I give him something that is remotely solid he will get a really surprised/confused look and just pass it around in his mouth before spitting it out, gagging, or swallowing it. The funny thing is whenever he is around anyone who is eating he lunges for their plate/fork/spoon as if he is starving! We have found a few things he has seemed to enjoy (refried beans, potatoes, cheese, banana), but he still will only eat a few TINY bites.

Jude is a daddy's boy through and through. He adores his brother and loves his mama, but daddy is on the next level. He only wants daddy to put him to sleep, he only wants daddy to calm him down. Daddy is the best thing to him (besides for his bottles). When Daddy gets home from work he squeals and crawls as fast as he can toward the door! I love to see this beautiful start to their relationship! It is so very sweet!

We are so thankful that we have Jude in our lives and we can't imagine a world without him in it! The past 9 months have been a whirlwind, but a blessed one! It is an amazing thing to be a mom to two little boys who fill my days with so much love... I never knew my heart could love two little people so fully and completely!

Jude, we can't wait to see what the next few months will bring us as we approach your 1st birthday! We love you so much, little man! And we love you for the unique person that God made you to be!
Happy 9 Months, Juju!