Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sitting at the feet of our Creator

Tonight is a night of mourning.

A baby boy is on his way into the world, but his spirit has already left this earth.

I'm praying hard tonight as his mommy is on her way to seeing his face and holding him close. I pray that his silent entrance into this world is.... well... bearable and easy on her. As easy as it can be on her faithful spirit.

I'm praying that she gets swept away at the perfection of each of his ten fingers and each of his ten toes, the way he fits like a puzzle piece in the crook of her arm, the way his eyelashes rest so lightly on his cheeks, and the weight of his body on her chest.

I'm praying that her family brings her an overwhelming sense of unity and comfort. That her daughter's innocence allows her to smile, that her husband holds her hand and gives her strength, that her mother weeps alongside her, and that she never feels alone in this journey.

I'm praying that in the coming days, weeks, and years that she wholeheartedly feels God's arms around her as he gently guides her down a crooked and winding road that no one really knows how to travel.

I'm praying she finds peace in knowing that one day she will meet her sweet baby again. That she will run down heaven's road to kneel down and hold her baby once more as he welcomes her Home.

I'm praying that she can hold on. That she can anticipate the coming days where the grief can more readily be held at bay. That she can hold on for the days where the tears don't come as quickly and where his name can be said without her heart stopping. I pray she can hold on for the days of healing, the days when she can see and feel God working to put her heart back together. I pray she can hold on. Please, hold on! The days will come, even if you don't think so in this moment.

Tonight I am praying through tears as I envision our children sitting at the feet of our Creator. He is keeping them for us until we meet again. And who better to hold our sweet babies in His arms?

Please pray with me tonight.

Friday, February 15, 2013

The 14 Days of Valentine's

Sorry ladies, but I do believe I married the best guy out there! He's taken! He's all mine! And I hardly deserve him...

Daniel really went above and beyond for Valentine's Day this year and I still don't really know what I did to deserve being treated like a Queen! For the sake of not forgetting such a special couple of weeks, I just have to document it.

This year Daniel did a "countdown" to Valentine's Day, much like the 12 Days of Christmas.
He came to me after work on February 1st and began nervously singing off key, "On the 14th Day before Valentine's Day my true love gave to meeee....." before presenting me with a gift for the day. Every day that followed I was serenaded with the same tune and given a gift! Here are all of my days:

14th Day: 14 ounces of chocolate covered pretzels that he made himself

13th Day: 13 dunkin donuts chocolate glazed munchkins

12th Day: a dozen, beautiful roses

11th Day: 11 homemade Valentine's Day cookies that he made with Eli (complete with pics!)

10th Day: a $10 starbucks giftcard

9th day: woke up to 9 blown up balloons in the living room, each with a number on it of the hour in which I had to pop it... inside each one was a note about a reason he loves me

8th Day: 8 Ben and Jerry's mini-cups

7th Day: 7 new candles, all different scents

6th Day: 6 new (oldies) vinyl records

5th Day: 5 hours boys-free

4th Day: 4 "appendages pampered" (a prepaid and scheduled pedicure and manicure)

3rd Day: 3 hours at the spa with 3 different spa treatments

2nd Day: 2 songs that he wrote himself (one performed and one recorded!)

V-Day: 1 handsome man in a suit (he took me out to dinner and a movie - surprising me with asking his parents to come in and babysit! Thanks Michael and Cynthia! A much needed date-night!)

Two full weeks of gifts and love! I am still blown away by his creativity and romance!

If you know me well, you know I'm not much of a gift lover and gifts don't necessarily fill my "love tank". In fact, all I need to feel loved is a bit of quality time... but I have to say, this was such a treat! I woke up each morning wondering what I would receive later that day and had fun trying to guess!

On Valentine's Day I kept seeing people voice their "concern" that we shouldn't specify ONE day of the year to show our love... and it's true, which is why I'm thankful that Daniel's expressions of love extend far beyond one day or even two full weeks in February. I get to see his love exemplified in small moments throughout the everyday doldrums:
The way he tucks in Eli every night after reading books, singing songs, and brushing his teeth; the way he closes the bathroom door and gets ready for work in the closet so I can sleep in; the way he makes a move to hold my hand whenever and where ever we are even if it means holding my purse so my hands are freed up; the way he always takes off his shoes before walking into the house because he knows I like my carpets clean; the way he looks at me and tells me I'm beautiful when my hair is up in a pony tail and I have spit up on my shoulder and feel far from it... the list goes on.

I'm so thankful to be married to this man and to have his love.

I love you Daniel Grey.

WE love you!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

My two little loves

My two boys are growing, that's for sure! Eli is a month from two and a half and Jude is three months TODAY!

Jude is fitting in size two diapers. His newborn clothes are officially packed up and he is becoming more and more alert. He is drooling all the time and constantly trying to stick his fists in his mouth!

He is figuring out how to work his hands and has started to bat at his toys, but for the most part he just likes to lay on his back and be talked to. Sometimes he'll talk back to me or mimic my sounds but he can typically be characterized as my "strong, silent" guy.

He also just started giving me some belly laughs, but man does he make me work for them! We think he is going to be more serious and laid back than Eli. He is consistently sleeping 5-6 hour stretches at night and he loves sleeping either on his tummy or sprawled out like big brother Eli.

Eli is becoming more and more of a little boy, leaving his toddler-isms behind. The other day we were painting at the new house and he came up behind me, patted my shoulder and said, "It looks pretty good, mom! Good job." then walked away. We are sometimes blown away by the things he knows and says. Such an intuitive and smart little boy.

He still refuses to sit on the potty, even though he knows the reward; sometimes after Daniel or I use the bathroom he will clap and tell us that we get a lollipop and a sticker. He has just decided it's not for him. I'm hoping he changes his mind pretty soon, there might be a bit more prompting once we're settled at the house.

Eli loves seeing his "friends" (what he calls every new person he meets; "hi friend!") at church and seems to love his bible class. He always anticipates seeing friends and learning about God when he gets tucked in on Saturday nights. What mama wouldn't be proud of the sweet heart he has?

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with blogging because I just want to remember every single moment of what life is like right now. We are blessed beyond measure with these two munchkins!