Friday, May 27, 2011

More weight issues!

Wednesday I took Eli in to the pediatrician for several reasons.

The weird bowel movements were no big deal, the ped said it happens.
The low grade fever was attributed to teething and really the ped said that he wasn't even THAT feverish.
No ear infection.
We did blood work for the weird rash because it looks like petechiae, but the ped just said to keep an eye on it.
The blood work showed some "viral cells", so he might be getting over a small infection.

OK. That's fine. All answers that I suspected....

HOWEVER.... Eli has NOT gained any weight since the last time we went in. He weighs the same as he did almost TWO months ago. I know the nurse weighed him correctly, I watched. He is still only 16 lbs 14 oz. He dropped from the 75%ile to the 50%ile to the 25%ile and is now in the 10%ile. How is that possible?

Eli eats three large meals and snacks throughout the day in addition to breastfeeding. He SHOULD be gaining. The doctor seemed a little bit concerned, but brushed it off as a fast metabolism and being an active baby. He said he usually sees this drop off in older babies, but then it levels out.
In my mind, that doesn't really justify it though. There are plenty of 8 month olds who are just as active if not AS active as Eli... they still gain weight and chunk up. I'm just paranoid now that it is something else, some underlying condition.

I am strongly considering switching to formula so that I can know how much he is getting. What if I am not producing enough milk for him and I don't know it??

We talked about increasing his solids, but I am wary about this. I informed the ped of how much he already eats and told him that I DO NOT let him eat to his fill. I have always stopped him from eating. He has never REFUSED food. The ped said to let him eat as much as he wants. WHAT? Is that healthy? He is already eating SO much!
We tried this Wednesday night and this is what he ate for dinner:

He nursed for 10 minutes beforehand
Ate a whole Gerber Tray of Ravioli
4 Chicken Nuggets
A cup of fruit
Potato and beef stew (about 4-5 ounces)
A piece of bread
Then nursed for 10 minutes afterward
This was JUST dinner!!! I don't know where he puts it.

I just feel so lost on this. Like I am failing my child. He should be gaining and getting chunky, but he isn't. He is skinny. Babies shouldn't BE skinny.... I just feel like maybe I am doing something wrong. Even though I know that's not logical.

What if something bigger is wrong? What if he has some kind of condition or disorder or something that we haven't looked into??

I feel like I am going nuts! It's so hard when it's someone you love more than anything in the world and you think there might be something wrong. I never knew that my heart could be so full of worry and my mind could think the worst just by having a baby!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A much needed UPDATE!

Well Eli has certainly been keeping me busy, busy, busy! That along with the fatigue associated with early pregnancy (we found out in mid-April that we are expecting our second blessing!!!!!) have prevented me from updating here more frequently!

Here is the much needed update that I have been putting off!

Eli is now 8 MONTHS old!

He is like a mini-tornado! He is all over the place! He crawls like a pro and has been gaining speed ever since he learned how to move! He also LOVES to stand! He will use anything and everything to pull up. He even lets go now for a few seconds at a time to stand unassisted. Keep in mind this only lasts for about 5 seconds before he falls down on his bottom with a shocked look on his face as if he is thinking "How did that happen?!" If he can't find anything to pull up on he just stands on his knees! It is the funniest thing!

He also loves to CLIMB! He has attempted climbing out of his crib using his bumpers, climbing over the back of the couch, and he has climbed on to the couch from the floor (it was funny to watch his little wheels turn to figure out HOW to do this!)!

He is also eating table food now. He LOVES pancakes. If he could eat them every day, he would! He also loves pizza crust, bananas, apples, macaroni, ice cream, grilled cheese and eggs. He can eat pretty much what we eat, within reason. This little boy still eats a TON, but I have no idea where he puts it all! He is still very lean. He must have a fast metabolism like Dad and Sean! Maybe he'll be a runner!

He hasn't popped any more teeth, but he has been very fussy lately and drooly. Plus, his sleeping habits have gone a bit downhill from where he was last month. He has been waking up about 2x per night to nurse back to sleep. He has also been having a hard time falling asleep! Poor guy! I'm hoping that this phase passes quickly!

Eli's personality is really shining through! He is SUCH a boy! Anything dangerous or messy or that he is NOT supposed to get into... he DOES! Then when he gets caught he starts giggling at me! I can't help but laugh (this is going to be BAD when I am trying to discipline him!).

He is also constantly smiling and laughing! The cutest thing is that if I am smiling at something or if I laugh, he starts smiling/laughing with me!

Eli has also learned how to utilize his whining skills! If he is hungry and I take a snack away from him, he breaks out this high pitched scream!! It is so loud! I have started to say "NO!" to him and "We do not whine about snack time!". I know it doesn't do much good, but I figure that we might as well get in the habit now.

He is also very independent at times. He does so well playing by himself on the floor with his toys! He could go 30 minutes to an hour without even looking to see where I am/what I am doing!

Eli's quirk is that he twirls his wrists while wiggling/opening and closing his fingers! I need to get a video of this! He does it when he is eating sometimes or when he gets excited! We are hoping he outgrows it before he goes off to college!

Eli is also a mama's boy for sure! He goes through periods where he JUST wants me. For example, Daniel may be holding him and if I leave the room he starts to fuss! Or he may lean towards me to take him from Daniel! I think it is very sweet, but it can be hard sometimes too! Especially when I am trying to be productive. Don't get me wrong though, he LOVES his daddy! When Daniel gets home he gets this HUGE smile on his face!

His other favorite person is Boo! He LOVES dogs! When he sees Boo he starts smiling and squealing. It is so funny! Boo has gotten to the point where she runs away when she sees him coming for her!

I can't believe that in 4 MONTHS we will be throwing Eli a first birthday party! It seems like yesterday when we were in the hospital with our tiny little newborn! Watching him grow and change is so amazing! I feel so blessed to be a mom!