Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Update on Eli

17.5 weeks/4 months

I am simply amazed at how fast my sweet boy is growing! It seems like only yesterday that we were coming home from the hospital with him...
Here are some updates on his milestones:

Head control: AWESOME! He keeps his head and neck level with his body when I pull him up by the arms/hands from laying down. He has this mastered now at four months, but his head control has been pretty great ever since he was born!

Talking/cooing/laughing: He is a big time laugher. He giggles all the time and coos, but doesn't talk a lot! Although we do have our morning conversations! He's more of a listener and is intent when you talk to him!

Batting/grabbing/bringing things to his mouth: He has become so good at holding things/grabbing things and has great aim when putting them in his mouth! Everything goes straight into his mouth! I can hand him a toy now and he doesn't drop it! Here is a funny picture of him holding two toys at once:

Sitting/Standing: He sits with support and has been doing this for a while now. He loves to sit up straight and sometimes when he is laying down he tries to pull himself up (like he is doing a sit-up). He also LOVES to stand while holding onto my fingers or leaning against something!

Rolling over: He just mastered this last week! This past weekend we went to mom and dad's and almost every time I laid him on his back, he would play for a while and then roll onto his tummy!

Grabbing feet: This is another recent accomplishment! He constantly staring at his toes and occasionally grabs them.

Teething: Yep! I'm hoping his teeth don't come in for a while though! He likes to knaw on my knuckles and basically anything he can get into his mouth (like his WHOLE fist!). His cheeks are red and he has been rubbing his ears too!

Solids: Loves them! We started at 3.5 months and he just LOVES his food! I made a whole batch of food for the month - pears, apples, bananas, avocado, and sweet potatoes.

Sleeping through the night: I really can't complain here because Eli is such a good sleeper, but just recently he has stopped sleeping through the night consistently and I have been told that this can happen when they start teething :(

Its crazy how fast babies can grow and change. For example, today I put Eli in his jumparoo and I was sitting there watching him simply amazed by how much he has developed in 3 weeks!!!
We got the jumparoo for Christmas and when I used to put him in it he would stare at his toys and sometimes accidentally turn the music on by hitting the keyboard. I was watching him today and he was GRABBING onto a toy, pulling it towards him (its on a spring), gnawing on it, and laughing when it sprung back up!

I just LOVE my son :)

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