Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Part One

This past weekend we went to McMinnville, TN to celebrate Christmas number one with Daniel's family... it ended up being quite the adventure!

We got on the road and after about an hour the van started acting like it was possessed; the lights inside the van started flickering, we could not accelerate, the blinkers did not work, the radio went out. We were so confused. Luckily there was an exit nearby, so we got off and pulled into a gas station. After a couple hours of stressing and trying to figure out what to do, with a screaming baby and a dog, we found out that our alternator was bad. The thought actually crossed my mind that we were going to miss Christmas!! Haha!
The problem was solved when Daniel's parents offered to come get us. So we sat at a Subway for 2 and 1/2 hours working on scrapbook pages for a family member's present. Eli was an angel and poor Boo had to hang out in the trunk!

We got in late and then had to be at PaPaw and Gigi's house at 8:00!!!! We actually ended up getting there only 10 minutes late! There were 22 adults and 10 kids! It was a packed house! We started with breakfast and Leah announced that she was pregnant (due in July)! That means at next years Christmas we will have three new babies, assuming no one else gets pregnant...
We sang the traditional 12 Days of Christmas, ate breakfast, played the left/right game, and opened presents. Daniel's family has themed Christmases every year hosted by one family. This year Rachel and Hector hosted the Wise Men Christmas. As a part of the theme we had to give our secret Santa a gift that we thought really hard about and before they opened it we had to present a poem or thought about why we got the gift for them. Cousin Tim (the high school English teacher in the family also a literary genius likened to Shakespeare) wrote a whole short story for his secret Santa! Needless to say, Daniel and I presented our last minute thoughts claiming we had left our poems in our broken down van :) I ended up getting a baby puree cookbook that I am really excited to use!!
The rest of the day was spent snacking on sausage balls and hanging around! That night we went back to Daniel's parents house and opened up gifts from them. We got a BRAND NEW camera and we are so excited because now we can take some great quality photos of our little man! Here are some samples:
This is Daniel's dad dressed as Santa with Eli

And here are some random pictures I took

This weekend we are going to Senoia, GA to celebrate Christmas with my family!

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  1. We are glad that you guys were able to make it despite the car troubles! And I really love my gift!! Now I just have to figure out where I'm going to hang it!