Friday, January 7, 2011

Second Round of Shots

Today we went in for Eli to get his second round of shots, sounds simple right?? No.

Apparently if you are a "splitter" (what they call people who do an alternative vaccination schedule) you have to see the doctor first because he has to okay the shots you request. It makes sense to me for safety purposes and they are actually really supportive/accommodating for those who don't want to follow their schedule, which is nice.

However.... the person who made the appointment didn't schedule us with the doctor and the receptionists/nurses were all confused (I found this out later) and we ended up sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours! It was so frustrating to watch people come and go -- all while I sat in the same chair -- smiling as they recognized me when they passed by!

Eli was fine in the waiting room! No fussing at all and he even took a nap! But I knew that by the time we left that he would be hungry and crying -- this made me mad more than anything.

When I was finally called back, both Eli and I were tired and cranky. The doctor was really upset too -- he thought that we had already been seen and left over an hour ago. He had no idea we were there. He apparently told the nurse that she could give me the shots I requested because he knew the schedule I was following... but everyone was confused so we got left in limbo land. He really is a great doctor and he ended up yelling at the staff and telling him this was "unacceptable" three times!

So Eli finally got his shots over two hours later and he was a champ! I found a great way to distract him afterward and to settle him down -- all I did was turn the faucet on in the room and let him listen and watch the water! He was in a trance!

Oh yeah, he was also weighed! 14 lb 13 oz!! My boy is growing!!

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