Monday, April 4, 2011

Deciding to Cloth Diaper

Last weekend I went to Atlanta to meet up with some of my online mommy friends who all have babies born (or due) in September. Eli and I had such an amazing time!
It was fun to see Eli interact with the other 6 month olds. The majority of the time these interactions consisted of grabbing each others heads/hands/feet/shoes/etc and sticking these various parts in their mouths!
We were quite the group; receiving enough stares to last a lifetime. I think there were about 12 moms and 12 babies, plus other older kiddos. We trekked to the zoo, the mall, IHOP, and even church.

The great thing about being surrounded with fellow moms of 6 month olds was that we all learned so much from each other. We NEVER ran out of things to talk about: sleeping habits, eating habits, pooping habits. Plus all of the other non-baby topics :)
I've definitely made some life long friends and so did Eli!

One thing that I was able to learn more about while in Atlanta was cloth diapering. I had always been interested in cloth diapering, but didn't know how to test the waters out before diving in. I researched online before Eli was born, but there was just SO much information that I got lost and gave up. A couple of my mom friends taught me about it and showed me that it isn't as confusing as it seems!
So now I've decided to cloth diaper using pocket diapers to start (Kawaii diapers). I ordered the first of my stash the other night and am just waiting for them to arrive! I am so excited to being my adventure in cloth!

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  1. I soooo hope to be able to meet up sometime with you!! Good luck with your CD! :D It's so fun when the stash comes in! hehe