Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Two new milestones!

My baby boy is growing up!

He has officially transitioned from scooting to crawling. It is crazy how fast a baby can grow and develop! On Friday Eli was rocking and scooting, not even able to pick up his hands while in the crawling position. On Saturday morning he shocked me and Daniel by picking up only his right hand very sporadically. By Saturday night he could pick up each hand, but wasn't moving forward. Finally on Sunday afternoon he moved forward by moving both his knees and hands. I was so proud of him for figuring it out! Here is a link to the video I made:

He now can crawl around the living room and get to all of his toys.... he can also get to the TV and entertainment center. He still hasn't figured out that he can leave the room and explore around the house! Haha!
Today he was on the floor playing and then he got cranky. He started whining, but I didn't go pick him up right away. He was getting mad so he crawled to me from across the room, crying the whole way and then started slapping my leg! I'm just loving this stage!

Here are some pictures of my little mobile man:

On Monday, I discovered that Eli had hit another new milestone. I was taking a sip of water from my glass and Eli was in my lap. He was reaching for my glass because he always has to get his curious hands all over whatever I have, especially cups I am drinking from. I handed him the glass and he grabbed it with two hands then put his mouth on in to "take a sip". As soon as he put his mouth to the glass what do I hear.... "clink, clink".

We have a tooth!

The only obvious symptoms were a little runny nose and the fact that he drools excessively, but he has done that for MONTHS!
His tooth is on the bottom left and it is SHARP! It is also clear, not white, and it hasn't made it's way all the way out yet. Anyway, there we have it. A tooth. It's a bummer he couldn't hold out just a few more months!!

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  1. I always love reading you blog! Way to go Eli!
    (I cant figure out how to post without being anonymous)