Thursday, March 24, 2011

Some good news and some not so good news....

The good news:
Eli has been sleeping wonderfully!! Ever since we implemented our new routine Eli has been sleeping a full 11-12 hours each night!! He no longer wakes up at night and he can fall asleep after only 5-10 minutes.
I NEVER thought that OUR baby would sleep this good!! It is awesome! It also gives Daniel and I some much needed time alone to reconnect. Eli's bedtime is now 7:00. So after 7, its just me and my wonderful husband!

The not so good news:
Yesterday was Eli's 6 month check up. And it was HORRIBLE.
First of all, he didn't gain ANY weight. He LOST 5 oz in two weeks, so now he weighs 16lbs 4 oz. I didn't believe the nurse because E eats a TON. He nurses every 3 hours and eats about 16oz of food per day. He has consistently been in the 50th percentile for ht, wt, and head. Now he is in the 50th percentile for ht (27in) and head (17in), but in the 25th PERCENTILE for weight.
When the doctor addressed this he seemed concerned. He was asking all about Eli's development. He said that we will keep an eye on it and check it the next time I am in for shots in 2 weeks.

Second, Eli doesn't "talk". This is apparently a concern too. When the doctor asked about Eli's development, he asked about babbling. I said "He doesn't really make noise except for when he laughs or cries or grunts." Well apparently he should be able to voice consonants like dadada. The doctor asked about his hearing, his awareness, if he interacts with us, if he smiles and is social (all which are fine). Now I am super worried about Eli's inability to babble. He is just a really quiet baby.

The ONE positive thing about the appointment is that the doctor is happy with Eli's physical milestones like sitting, trying to crawl, standing, head control, etc. He said that Eli will be "getting around in no time". But whatever. Every doctor says that to make every mother feel good.

Eli pulled himself up from sitting to standing yesterday! He was sitting and playing with/grabbing Daniel's shirt. The next thing we knew he was standing! It was so funny! It might have been a fluke, but it was still pretty cool to see!

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  1. At least he doesn't pant like my son. He's so loud we sometimes banish him to the other room so that we can hear the TV. ; ) If you come live with us Eli can follow him around for exercise, ride him for balance, free feed out of an awesome OHIO STATE bowl, and learn to babble like myself. We can also put him in law school where he is destined to gain 15 lbs. in the first year from stress and "please stay awake" snacks. Can it get any better?