Monday, April 18, 2011

A Second Tooth and an Eli Update

So the day after we discovered Eli's first tooth, we discovered a second one breaking through. It was a miserable day for poor Eli (and me!). He was sooo whiny and wanted to be held at all times! You could just tell he was uncomfortable. He had a slight fever and couldn't sleep! Thankfully that only lasted a day and now he has two bottom teeth to show for it!

I still can't believe Eli is 7 months old!

He is REALLY coming into his own lately! His personality is starting to shine through! He is just the happiest little boy and will give ANYONE a smile; The cashier at Walmart, the little kids sitting behind us at church, his puppy..... He is constantly giggling too! It is the sweetest sound! We hardly ever have to work for it, sometimes all it takes is a look!

He is also more active than ever! He can crawl like a champ, although he still has his moments where he falls on his face (after which he gets right back up and moving). He is starting to pull up on everything; the dog, his toys, my legs, his crib railings and bumper. Today he even pulled up on the couch, which we thought was too tall for him to get a good grip on! The funniest thing is when he gets upset and starts crying, then crawls towards me crying the whole way!

He is still eating more than his weight in baby food! For such a little guy he can sure pound back the food! He can eat up to 26 ounces of food in one day! It is ridiculous! Anything that we are putting in our mouths he wants to try... so we let him! I'm sure people think we are a little crazy for offering our 7 month old whipped cream, salsa, pieces of chicken tenders, and LOTS more, but that's okay! It's fun to see him explore his world and I think food is just one more part of it!

A fun new milestone that Eli hit this past weekend was waving! It was so funny in church on Sunday. He was standing and holding on to the back of the pew smiling at the kids behind him, then they started waving and he started waving back!! It was adorable! Then of course everyone busted out in giggles!

Tomorrow we go in for some of Eli's vaccines and a weight check! I'm praying he has gained weight and that their are no more concerns regarding this!
Then on Thursday we are leaving for Harding for Spring Sing! I'm so excited to see my friends!

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  1. What a happy boy, this whole post just made me smile.