Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Eli's Fluffy Butt

Our cloth diapers came in the mail on Friday afternoon and we used them all weekend. We were actually at Daniel's parents house this past weekend, but that didn't stop me (actually, Eli) from breaking them in! We have actually only used about 2 or 3 disposable diapers since Friday! On the first day that we used them Eli pooped in EVERY SINGLE ONE! Even his overnight diaper, which he never does!!! At least now I know that they work well, right?! Haha!

We have six cloth diapers right now. Five of them are Kawaii's and one of them is a BumGenius One Size. I'm really loving all of them. I bought some with velcro and some with snaps just so I could get a feel for both. I think I actually like the velcro better! My ONLY complaint is that they make his booty look ten times bigger than it is, but I think that it's kinda cute!

At this point I am washing diapers every night, which SOUNDS like a pain but really it's not. Washing cloth diapers isn't the same as washing normal laundry for some reason. I am planning on getting eight more on Friday, so that will put me at washing every 2-3 days which will be perfect.

I really recommend cloth diapers to anyone who is interested! I never thought that they would be for me, but I love them! Plus, they are so much better for the environment!

Here are some pictures of Eli in his cloth:

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  1. Kelli,
    I love the pics of Eli in his cloth! We lurve cloth diapers at our house. I love the cow one... I had a pig diaper for Lucy that had ears and everything.. too cute! Have you tried flip diapers? They are my favorite. By. Far.