Thursday, May 9, 2013

Potty Trained?!

This picture was taken a week and a half ago. Eli and I were having a potty training stand-off. He was refusing to go (out of stubbornness) and I was refusing to let him out of the bathroom til he went (also out of stubbornness). We have come leaps and bounds in such a small amount of time!

When he decided he was ready to start using the big boy potty, he was READY! That made it so incredibly easy on our part. He started to pee on the potty consistently after only three or four days of teaching. We tried out training pants at first, but quickly learned that they felt too much like a diaper to him. We quickly nixed that route and then decided to have a couple of days pants and diaper free around the house.

After those three days we went to the store and he picked out his underwear: Spiderman (his favorites), Thomas trains, and Toy Story. Once we transitioned to underwear it was like he was fully (pee) potty trained.  He hasn't had any accidents since we started wearing underwear full time, over a week ago. He has been going to the bathroom by himself, wearing underwear to the daycare at the YMCA,  and even waking up dry!

Good ole number 2 was a different story. At first he was afraid to go on the potty. He knew what to do because on more than one occasion he would get up, then get down, then get up, then get down... like he was debating on whether or not to just do it. Finally we whipped out the "baby" potty which he seemed a lot more comfortable sitting on. Then we made up a story about a fish that lived in the potty and needed to eat... it was game on from there.

(Okay, this whole post... I can't believe I am actually going to put it all out there. If any non-family members are reading this.... I'm sorry, you can't unread it now. But people, you can't blame me... as a mom, this needs to go down in the books!)

My 2.5 year old was potty trained in a week and has had no accidents SINCE (AND is waking up dry in the mornings). I am allowed to be overly excited about this!

Eli, you rock.

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