Sunday, May 5, 2013

International Bereaved Mother's Day

Today is International Bereaved Mother's Day. Some days I still can't believe that things like "this" pertain to me in any way. Some days those months of grieving and heartache feel like a nightmare, like I am bound to wake up at any second. Then I remember the beautiful baby girl I carried in my womb, the 8 months we had together, and the first time I held her, and I know that this journey is meant to be. 

Today I think about the brave women who have trodden this path before me, the fragile hearts that will follow behind me, and all of our children whom we must hold in our hearts because we can no longer hold them in our arms. Please don't forget them. Don't forget our babies.

Until I see her again, I take comfort in the fact that my baby is in the arms of a God who remains faithful to me day by day! Hallelujah!

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