Monday, April 15, 2013

Oh baby, don't you ever grow up...

Oh, age two, how I will miss you one day!

Now I'm on record... and you may need to check back with me about that sentiment in a weeks time.

Eli is two and a half. I've already given an update on him at this age, but goodness...
In this phase he is just starting to test his boundaries and become a bit obstinate if I do say so myself. Although these qualities test my daily reserve of patience I truly am glad to see these traits develop within him. When removed from my daily episodes of waging war against his toddler tantrums and his unmoving toddler ideals, I often think that his obstinance MUST be a means to nurture his self esteem, self confidence, and hopefully a strong character that will never waiver in what he believes to be true. Maybe I'm grasping a bit there...

But anyway, as a sort of piggy back post to "Stay at Home Mom", I come here with my fondness for this time in his life...
There are things that Eli does and says in the here and now; Things I never want to forget and things I want to have written down so that I can remember this gloriously innocent period of his life.

Things like:
The way he tries to whistle by making a high pitched screeching sound and then exclaims, "I can do it too!"

The way his giraffe and monkey and Lorax are his best friends right now and they MUST hear the bed time stories and get tucked in with him (and say their own individual prayers too).

The way he still affectionately calls Jude, "baby Jude" or even just "baby" when talking to him.

The way he casually told me he was playing cars with his friend "Jamie" in the gym child care center, as if it were no big deal.

The way he busts out big boy phrases like, "Baby Jude is sleeping because he has had a LONG day!"

The way he calls himself Eli Grey White, so matter of factly.

The way he exclaims that he is "as big as daddy!"

There are so many sweet moments, I just want to bottle them all up.
While I am thankful for a healthy and GROWING boy, sometimes I just want to stop time and live in the here and now forever.

I love you, Eli!

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