Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Eli's First Movie!

Today we took Eli to his first movie in the theater! We went to see The Croods!

He picked out some candy and paid for his movie (read: handed the box office worker our Visa), then had his ticket ripped all on his own!

The movie was about 2 hours long and for the most part he did great. When the previews started he had his hands over his ears for about 15 minutes straight because it was loud (and I think it kind of scared him), but he eventually warmed up to it.

He ended up bringing one of his "friends" to the theater with us, so when the movie really got going he ended up settling back with "Lorax".

Throughout the movie he was up and down out of his seat watching. In his seat eating candy, standing up dancing, in his seat asking questions, standing up in awe... it was such a fun experience!

By the time the movie was over I think he was ready to get out of there and play, but overall it was another fun first for Eli.

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