Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Update on Jude: 4 months

Jude is 4 months old!
At our four month well-check (March 6th) he was 13 and a half pounds and 25 inches.

This little charmer has got to be one of THE most laid back babies that ever lazed around this world. Chances are if you were to randomly pop into my house Jude would be laying on a blanket gnawing on his hands and as soon as you start smiling at him he would smile back with drool slobbering out the sides of his mouth.

This child has endured cheek pinching, too-tight hugs, and even another person "supermanning" on top of his chest... all compliments of a crazy toddler we seem to claim as one of our own ;) His patience and sweet nature just amaze me sometimes.

Jude is still a man of few words. You don't often hear him talk, but when you do it is the cutest little raspy voice and a gushing smile quickly follows. There is no way you could not love this little boy!

He is starting to play with his hanging toys a lot more and he finally gave the jumperoo a try (in which he did not jump), but mostly he is just content to grab onto his feet and sometimes get a little taste of toe jam.

He has yet to roll, but often goes side to side. Like I said, he is just one content little guy... oh, and he loves to snuggle!

One recent milestone (as of last weekend) is that Jude has started taking formula. I seem to be treading an accelerated path in my nursing journey with Jude than the one I did with Eli. My milk is just not enough for him and after a few good weeks of denial I finally took the plunge with supplementing. I'm not happy about it and it makes me feel like a failure of a mother, but I know that he will be just fine and it's a necessary thing to help his little body grow and thrive. I can already tell a difference with his weight and activity level, so I just need to remind myself that this is a good thing.

Another big milestone is that Jude had his first airplane ride! He flew with me to Texas for Lindsay's wedding and he was a champ! He slept the whole way on the plane, although he was a bit overstimulated in the airport (read: a screaming mess). He did a lot better on the way home (not a peep) and I think I can attribute that to the formula and a full belly!

Phew... still can't believe I am making a 4 month update on my baby! We love you Jude!

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