Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Two and a half

Finally finding a moment (and who knows how long this moment will last?!) to sit down and write a blog post! These past few months have been nothing short of a whirlwind! Juggling a newborn, the crazy holidays, moving into a house, and now two BIG weddings this month.... I am barely keeping afloat, but here I am riding out the waves and enjoying every moment!

This past weekend my best friend got married. It was beautiful... she was beautiful. That's all I can say about that before I start crying again ;)

Next weekend my brother gets married, I can't believe the day is so quickly approaching! I am just thrilled for him and Sarah, but that is another post for another time.

I came here to talk about my main squeeze... my two and a half year old!!? What?! Somehow in the mix of everything else going on time decided not to slow down (surprise, surprise) and Eli stepped a little bit closer to being three!

My crazy, awesome Eli,

You are getting SO big! You are 3 feet tall and 30 pounds full of amazingness. Your hair is still wavy, your eyes are still big and blue, your fingers are still chubby, your booty is still the cutest I've ever seen, but somehow you are different. You are a big boy whether I like it or not.

Let me tell you how smart you are... when your daddy tells you to go to sleep over the monitor, you respond back "you're silly daddy, that's funny"; when I tell you we are going to get your haircut you say "NO! Never! I'm big!" and somehow weasel 1,000 M&Ms out of me; when your brother starts crying you tell him "it's okay baby, I'm here, it's me... Eli!".

Yeah yeah... you know your colors and shapes, you can count to 20, say your alphabet, and you can complete a puzzle like no one's business. But is that what really counts?
I think what really counts is the way you get your brother's pacifier for him when he's crying, the way you want to kiss MY boo-boos for me, the way you like to make people happy and the concern you show when someone is sad. Of course, you have your moments of not wanting to share or throwing fits... but those glimpses of empathy and intuition are really what makes me so proud to be your mom. And hey, don't tell anyone, but I am proud of that stubborn spirit you have too!

It is so fun to see your interests at this age. You still love animals and dinosaurs. I bought a HUGE giraffe for your room that's taller than you are and you think it's the greatest thing ever. In fact, you have a little giraffe that you carry around everywhere with you now!

You also love to "wrap" toys in blankets and give them to whoever is playing with you... you sit there and wait for a reaction, I think you still have Christmas on the brain! You love holding your brother, feeding him bottles, and making sure EVERYONE knows that he is YOUR brother Jude, not theirs!

You really love the show Blues Clues and surprisingly you learn a lot from that annoying little dog! Tarzan is your favorite movie, you are always asking to see the "rillas" and you adore the scene where all the monkeys invade the camp and start making music!

You also LOVE to dance; it's always your first instinct when any type of music comes on! And let me tell you, you have gotten a little too good at shaking that cute little booty of yours! These days you are also trying to sing along to any song you hear, when I catch you singing along you have the cutest little grin!

Anywhere we go you are always meeting "friends". In fact, you never seem to meet a stranger which is something I love about you! Everyone is someone worthy of having a conversation with. You always open with, "Hi! I'm Eli! Whatcha doin?" and people get a kick out of it!

Eli, I love you so much! You are a little light in this world, it's a better place with you in it! I so look forward to watching grow into a boy, but I am loving this age so much!

I know I will look back on these days fondly! Take your time turning three there buddy!

Love always,

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