Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween and Homecoming

We have been so busy these past couple of weeks. The past three weekends we have been in THREE different states! First we were at my parents house for a visit, then we were at Daniel's parents house for Eli's first Halloween, and finally we were in Searcy for Homecoming weekend. Things have finally settled down, so here I am to update!

We had so much fun during Halloween weekend! Eli was able to meet some of his family members for the very first time -- I think over 25 people were at Daniel's parents house on Saturday! It was so crazy! On Saturday night we dressed Eli up in his Halloween costume and went trick-or-treating with Reese, Owen, and Josie! Eli was a Ninja Turtle (of course). Reese was a Super Spy, Owen was Mario, and Josie was a fairy.

Before leaving for homecoming on the following weekend, something very exciting happened!!! ELI ROLLED OVER on November 1st! We caught it on video too! Its funny because you can hear Daniel and I in the background cheering him on!

This past weekend was exciting for all of us! We were back at Harding and my whole family was together again! We were able to spend some good quality time together at our Alma Mater! Here is a picture of Eli on the road -- he's such a good little traveler:

This weekend we will be spending all of our time in good ole Birmingham! We are all traveled out for now!

I'll leave you with these pictures of Eli! (sorry for the bad quality, all we have is our iPhones to take pics!)

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  1. Haha nice! I'm totally diggin' the Halloween costume. Good variance of pics too. Hope y'all are doing well!