Thursday, October 28, 2010

6 week appointment

Eli had his 6 week well-child visit today! It went really well! He is now in the 90th percentile for both weight and height!!!! His head circumference is in the 50th percentile. Everything looks right on track and he is a healthy baby boy! Here are his stats:

After Birth
Wt. -- 8lbs
Ht. -- 21 inches

3 Days Old
Wt. -- 7lbs 5 oz
Ht. -- 21 inches

2 Weeks
Wt. -- 8lb 11oz
Ht. -- 21 inches

6 Weeks
Wt. -- 11lb 7.5 oz!!!!!!
Ht. -- 23 1/4 inches

We also talked about Eli's development and he is right on track -- even ahead in some areas! Here are his major milestones so far:

 Week One 
- Smiles and laughs in sleep
- Lifts head up when you hold him against your chest
- Lifts head up when laying on tummy

Week Two
- Started eating breast milk from a bottle
- Sleeps from 1:00am - 6:00am and then from 7:30am - 12:00 pm
- Sleeps pretty much all day, wakes only to eat and cuddle
- Fusses only when hungry

Week Three
- Lifts up head when laying on tummy and moves head from side to side
- Sleeps 5-6 hours on average
- Slept from 2:00 - 9:00!!!!!
- Cord stump fell out (21 days)

Week Four
- Smiled and cooed at mommy!!!!
- Makes a lot more eye contact
- Good head control, lifts up and looks around

Week Five
- Smiles at mommy, daddy, nonna, pops, and Uncle Sean
- Pushes up on forearms to look around when laying on tummy
- Took a pacifier for the first time
- Sleeps 6-7 hours at night (usually goes to bed at 11:30)
- Hardly ever cries

Eli is six weeks as of yesterday and today he ALMOST rolled over for the first time from his tummy to his back!! He was getting so frustrated! He would make it onto his side, but couldn't quite make it all the way onto his back!

He also giggled for the first time (while awake). He was in such a good mood today -- nothing but smiles and cuddles for mommy!

We were offered the chance to give Eli 5 VACCINES today at the check-up! I decided to delay them for now. I know they have done research and there are "no detrimental effects" on the baby, but that just seems like a LOT of vaccines and really early! I think I am going to research them a bit more and try to make a revised schedule for him (delayed and more spaced out). I know this is a really controversial topic, but as the doctor said "I'm the mom, so I'm the boss". I heard Dr. Sears has a great book with lots of info on vaccines, so I might need to check that out!

Another reason that I decided to delay the vaccines is because tomorrow we are headed up to Tennessee. We are going up to visit Daniel's family -- Pap, Gram, Aunt Le Le, Aunt La La, Uncle Trysten (who will not be responsible for any diaper changes - haha!), and cousins Reese and Owen! We are looking forward to the visit and dressing Eli up for Halloween!! I guess you'll have to check back here to see pictures of his costume :)

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