Sunday, November 14, 2010

Night Time Routine and Lullabies

We decided to start a bedtime routine with Eli, since he is a whole 2 months old (gasp!). We implemented it the past two nights. It goes like this:

Snuggle on Mommy and Daddy's bed
Daddy reads a bible story
Mommy reads a book
Daddy reads a book
Sing songs
Kisses and Hugs
Put Eli into the pack-n-play
Replace pacifier when he cries, until he falls asleep

He has successfully transitioned from the rock-n-play (a comfy chair-like sleeping cradle that sits on a slight incline) which was in our room, to the pack-n-play which is also in our room. I am SO thrilled that this was a success. I was worried he wouldn't adjust well due to being flat on his back, but he slept really well both nights! The next step will be his crib which is in his nursery.

The only problem with this routine is that I DONT KNOW ANY LULLABIES!!!

So the past two nights I have been singing him Christmas Carols. I better start learning some lullabies otherwise I will be singing Christmas Carols all year round!

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  1. Hahaha Kelli. Eli will love any song you sing. We used "Hey Jude" for Jude's lullaby and even now he hears it on the radio and says "momma it's my song". So my input is find songs you love and sing them quietly to him. He won't care if
    they are Christmas carols or the beatles. Oh and somewhere over the rainbow works well to because even if you don't know the words you can hum the tune :)