Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Shots and First Time Seeing Santa

Yesterday was a big day for Eli! I took him in for his 2 month shots. He actually only ended up getting one shot (dTAP) and an oral vaccine (Rotavirus). We are following the Dr. Sears Vaccination schedule, which spaces the shots out a little bit more. The nurse looked a me like I had three heads when I told her we wouldn't be following THEIR schedule... oh well!
While we were getting ready to leave I felt so guilty! I was getting him all dressed and ready to go fully knowing that he would be crying and in pain in only a couple hours. Silly I know, but still, what mom likes to hear their baby cry!? When all was said and done Eli did GREAT! He cried for only a few seconds and then was back to his normal happy self!

Later that night Daniel surprised us with a fun evening in Birmingham! We went to "The Summit", a touristy shopping center near our home, where there was a small Christmas Parade! Eli was able to see Mr. and Mrs. Claus for the first time! He loved all of the commotion -- he sat snugly in either mine or Daniel's arms just looking around, cooing, and smiling! Afterward the whole shopping center lit up with Chrismas lights and there was a firework show! We had a blast!



  1. What is he weighing in at now? I had the same little guy in the office today that shares Eli's birthday. It's funny that I keep getting him! Hope your having a good week!

  2. He is 13.5 pounds! But he seems SO much longer than he used to be! He is growing WAY to fast!