Thursday, June 20, 2013

The First Zoo Day of Summer!

I don't know if I mentioned it yet, but Kaysi has been staying with us this summer! She graduated from Harding in May and she starts grad school in August, so for now she is living with us and working at Cracker Barrel. Eli loves having his Kaysi at home with us and most mornings he wakes up and asks where she is right away!

Here's a picture of us at Cracker Barrel from when we went to see her in action as hostess!

We are having so much fun having her around, especially for adventures like we had today at the Zoo.

Today was our first Zoo day of the summer and we had a blast! We were there for around 4 hours before we exhausted ourselves out! We had fun showing Kaysi our favorite animals, playing in the splash pad and the kids zone, and just being with each other! This was Jude's first trip where he was actually able to play in the infant crawl area and he especially liked looking at himself in the mirror!

We hope to have many more days at the zoo this summer!

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