Friday, June 28, 2013

Bad Mommy

Poor Jude. I have been so bad at documenting his accomplishments and milestones! We realized today that we never told any family members that he had started crawling about a week and a half ago! Yikes!

Life is just so busy and crazy right now! Not to mention having two little ones means that I am in constant need by someone. When nap time rolls around I just want some time to veg out or even take a nap myself!

Though we haven't been great with documenting, we are so enjoying our Jude every day! Cheering him on and watching him thrive! I think Eli is his biggest fan!

Now let me update you on our sweet little crawling, pulling up 7 month old!

Two weekends ago Jude was just inch worming around and he hated getting on his knees. He'd raise up on his hands and feet in somewhat of a pushup and just sit there like that looking around, eventually coming down and putting himself in a sitting position! Mom and Dad said that's what I did when I was his age and that I never crawled on my knees, just went straight to walking from that point. Here are some pictures of that:

Well about a week and a half ago he really got the hang of putting his knees down and moving one hand then one knee. He really became a pro last weekend and now he is crawling all over the place! He will come find me in the kitchen when he realizes that I left the room. It is the cutest thing to see him come around the corner... as long as Eli doesn't grab him first. Eli is constantly wanting to help Jude or guide him (I guess it's a normal big brother thing??), so when he sees Jude start to leave he will pick him up and take him where he THINKS Jude wants to go! So funny! Jude is always so patient with Eli and usually just enjoys the ride!

Along with now being able to get into a sitting position and crawl, Jude is pulling up on things and standing up assisted! He actually started pulling up onto his knees before he was even attempting to crawl! About 3 weeks ago (right at 7 months) he pulled up for the first time in the boy's room on their book basket! We were so impressed, especially Eli who exclaimed, "Jude's not a big boy yet!?"! Nowadays he tries to pull up on everything. Several times I have found him draped over a laundry basket or his toy basket because he had tried to use it to stand up!

He is also loving the stairs. We have it gated off, so only one step is accessible, but he loves to crawl over and prop himself up! Sometimes I put some toys up there and he is content to play on his knees.

This little boy usually appears to be the observant and laid back type, but he is becoming quite the adventurer just like big brother Eli! He is ready to be on the move! Just a couple of days ago we were at the gym, when we were finished and went to pick up the boys from daycare the worker exclaimed, "I didn't know he could crawl!! He seemed like he wanted me to put him down, so I did and he took off! He just seemed too little to be doing that!" Then the next day a different unsuspecting worker mentioned the same thing! Haha!

It's so fun to have a mobile baby! I can't wait to see these brothers playing together and running around in the back yard! Maybe it won't be so long after all!

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