Thursday, July 25, 2013

Four Years Closer to Forever

This day four years ago was my wedding day. I was a 21 year old bride with not a care in the world other than loving him, my groom.

He was my first love; my only love.

Our love didn't start out with a steady friendship or a slow realization. It began with a spark that ignited into a blazing wildfire, burning steadily and gradually until slowly settling into the peaceful comfort of glowing embers.

We were young, in love, and with eyes on each other we were confident that we could take on the world hand in hand.

I presume it was unsurprising to our wiser, married friends and family that in the wake of our vows the world came on hard and fast.

Together we have seen tragedy, we have looked into each others eyes and seen a cold, dark emptiness taking residence. We have witnessed each other crumble under grief, the pieces of our hearts falling apart almost tangibly. We have mourned together; deeply and gutturally taking each other to places deep inside that were once hidden even from ourselves.

Our love has been tested and tried, there is no doubt. Yet four years later we are standing and we are standing stronger than ever. While we have suffered the greatest heartache, we have also experienced the greatest joy.

Together we have seen each other become something more than a partner, a husband and a wife. We have seen love come alive, bright and beautiful, in the faces of our sons. We have seen and held an angel who constantly reminds us that what we are waiting for is not of this world. We have have picked up the pieces of each other and put them back gently, our faith renewed and our hope claiming wings to soar.

Four years later and those embers are still glowing.

Four years later and I still see glimpses of that cocky senior boy who stole my heart, the hopeless romantic who nervously asked me to be his "husband" that Christmas morning...
but these days I also get to see a dedicated father who once woke up in the middle of the night so tired that he tried to soothe a pillow back to sleep, a hardworking husband who's number one priority is taking care of his family, and a selfless partner who always puts me on a pedestal that I am usually unworthy to even step foot on.

I couldn't ask for a more selfless or loving man to share this life with. I pray we share many more years side by side, hand in hand. Thank you Lord for giving me this love.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Daniel.


  1. That's beautiful, Kelli. <3 You are such a gifted writer. Happy Anniversary!!

  2. I hope you guys enjoyed an amazing anniversary. All my love!