Saturday, February 9, 2013

My two little loves

My two boys are growing, that's for sure! Eli is a month from two and a half and Jude is three months TODAY!

Jude is fitting in size two diapers. His newborn clothes are officially packed up and he is becoming more and more alert. He is drooling all the time and constantly trying to stick his fists in his mouth!

He is figuring out how to work his hands and has started to bat at his toys, but for the most part he just likes to lay on his back and be talked to. Sometimes he'll talk back to me or mimic my sounds but he can typically be characterized as my "strong, silent" guy.

He also just started giving me some belly laughs, but man does he make me work for them! We think he is going to be more serious and laid back than Eli. He is consistently sleeping 5-6 hour stretches at night and he loves sleeping either on his tummy or sprawled out like big brother Eli.

Eli is becoming more and more of a little boy, leaving his toddler-isms behind. The other day we were painting at the new house and he came up behind me, patted my shoulder and said, "It looks pretty good, mom! Good job." then walked away. We are sometimes blown away by the things he knows and says. Such an intuitive and smart little boy.

He still refuses to sit on the potty, even though he knows the reward; sometimes after Daniel or I use the bathroom he will clap and tell us that we get a lollipop and a sticker. He has just decided it's not for him. I'm hoping he changes his mind pretty soon, there might be a bit more prompting once we're settled at the house.

Eli loves seeing his "friends" (what he calls every new person he meets; "hi friend!") at church and seems to love his bible class. He always anticipates seeing friends and learning about God when he gets tucked in on Saturday nights. What mama wouldn't be proud of the sweet heart he has?

Sometimes I get so overwhelmed with blogging because I just want to remember every single moment of what life is like right now. We are blessed beyond measure with these two munchkins!

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  1. You have created some wonderful memories for YOU and your boys. What a sweet family God has blessed you with! :)