Saturday, January 19, 2013


It left as quickly as it came, but Eli got to experience his first snowfall on Thursday afternoon! He has books on snow and stories of snowmen that he loves to read and has seen snow in movies, but I really don't think he got it until this week! :) We watched it fall from our playroom window and talked about it, then got ready and went outside to play!

We were very unprepared for a Tennessee snowfall, but we made do with what we had! We used socks for mittens and layered as best we could: three pants, three shirts, three socks, and a hat! Eli's boots were also a size too small (they barely fit him for his zookeeper halloween costume!). By the time we were done with him he could barely waddle! Haha!

We walked outside and by this time there was a nice layer sticking to the ground! Eli stepped out into it and giggled! He looked up at the sky and impulsively stuck out his tongue, like all snow lovers should and do ;) He's definitely a boy after his mama's heart!

We brought a cardboard box down with us so we could show Eli all about (ghetto) sledding! I tested out the hill on the side of our apartment and we were good to go - as long as we flattened out at the bottom of the hill we'd go under the bushes and not in them ;) Eli rode with me first and kneeled behind me holding onto my shoulders. He was kind of nervous about it, but once we made it to the bottom he was all giggles!

Daddy taught him how to make and throw snowballs, I showed him that it was edible, and all the while Jude slept in the driver's seat of our car with the heat on! Eli's "sock mittens" were soaked and his cheeks were pink by the time we headed in to warm up and drink (Eli's first) hot chocolate! Such a fun afternoon!

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