Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmastime 2012

We ended up having four Christmases this year, which was a blast! Two in McMinnville, one in Georgia, and one at home over the span of three weeks! This mama is not complaining, bring on that Christmas cheer!
This year was so much fun for Eli! He really got into the wonder of Christmas, which Daniel and I loved to see! Every time we passed a house with Christmas lights we heard tons of "Oooooohs and Aaaaahs" from the back seat! The deer and moose heads at Walmart suddenly became reindeer. Anyone who was slightly overweight with a beard became Santa Claus. All trees, decorated or not, became Christmas trees. It was so neat to see Christmas through Eli's eyes! Even a week past Christmas we are still talking about Santa and Reindeer and Snowmen and wrapping random household objects in Jude's burp cloths to give to mommy and daddy proudly exclaiming, "It's for you mommy! A present for you! Open it up!". Suffice it to say we have superfluous cheer over here.

Here are some memories I want to remember from Christmastime 2012:

Big White Family Christmas
- Our Christmas theme was "Mele Kalikimaka"and Eli had so much fun playing with all of his cousins, especially the ones close in age (Zach and Holly). We sang a presentation of American songs for Papaw's 80th birthday and Eli sang his heart out! It was hilarious! He got his very own remote control car from Gigi. Jude and cousin Daniel slept through pretty much all of Christmas and never ran out of arms to hold them :)

McMinnville Christmas - Eli got to write his very own letter to Santa, decorate Christmas cookies to leave out, and sprinkle reindeer food on the front lawn. Trysten read "The Night Before Christmas" to all of the kids before they fell asleep. Eli started to figure out his role as "Elf" and quickly learned how to bring presents to Pap, then take them to whomever they were for. He liked passing out presents at this point more than opening them! It was so fun to see him, Reese, and Owen all crowd around a present anxious to see what was inside! Jude, of course, slept through the whole thing :)

Christmas in Georgia - Eli was pretty infatuated with mom and dad's Christmas tree. He loved all of the ornaments with our pictures in them. He also loved all of mom's Christmas stuffed animals that she left around the mantel, especially Rudolph. We went to see the Christmas lights at Callaway Gardens and Eli sat on a stranger Santa's lap for the first time... he waltzed right up, sat down, and talked to Santa like it was nothing. Eli got his very first trike from Nana and Grandpa! He loved it! His feet barely reached the pedals, but he managed to move just fine - he just doesn't understand the steering quite yet!

Christmas in Knoxville - We had Christmas in Knoxville on Wednesday night (the second). Our poor tree was about falling apart! Haha! We didn't have much to spare this year but managed to get Eli a few presents that we knew he'd love, particular the Dinosaur trains and tracks. He wanted to set them up right away!

We are blessed to have a wonderful family to share in the holidays with! This year Christmastime was so special in lots of ways, we can't wait to see what next year brings (and if we'll ever stop talking about Santa!).

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