Friday, April 13, 2012

Spring is in the Air!

The weather is warm, the pollen is out (sufficiently covering everything in a yellow dusting), the park is filled with children, and SPRING is here!
Let's see, last spring Eli was just starting to crawl and this spring he is talking, running (I really don't think he WALKS anywhere!), singing, dancing, making daddy proud by kicking his soccer ball... it's just crazy!
I must say, although it is hard to believe that he is now closer to 2 than 1, I am loving this stage! Especially since it is now warm enough to play and explore together outside.

Around February it really started to warm up and we started walking down to our neighborhood park to play in the afternoons. Now that it's April and the weather has been more consistent this has become one of Eli's favorite things to do after we get home from school! Aside from throwing the wood chips, Eli's favorite thing at the park is the slide and especially the really tall one, go figure! He goes down all by himself now!

In March we were able to visit lots of our friends and take advantage of the beautiful spring weather! Early in the month we met up with several of our "Mommy Group" friends! We got to spend a whole weekend with five other 18 month olds all born in September! We all stayed in a house together and it was so much fun! We went to the Parthenon one day and were able to run around outside, the other day we went to a children's museum!

The next week was our Spring Break and we went to visit our friends Jenny and Haddy. One day we went up to the North Georgia Zoo because all of the new baby animals were being born! We were able to play with all of the animals thanks to Hope, a good friend of Jenny who owns and manages the zoo. She also has an 18 month old, so all three babies had so much fun together! We held and touched a monkey, a baby wolf, baby goats, a baby deer, and many other exotic animals! So fun!

And that brings us to April! Phew! We have been busy!
For my birthday weekend we went back to Georgia and Eli was able to do his first Easter Egg hunt at the church! He caught on pretty quickly to looking for eggs with the help of Haddy! There was also a big Easter bunny at the church, which they did NOT like! I don't think they appreciated us putting them in his lap either!

We expect the rest of the season to be just as busy! This weekend we are going to visit Gram and Pap, then the second week of May we are going on our Disney Cruise(!!!!!), then we will have a BBQ at Nana and Grandpas house! Before we know it summer will be here! THEN Eli turns 2!!! Ok, let's not think about that right now ;)

Happy Spring everyone!


  1. Love it!! I am so lucky to know you and Eli. You guys make my heart happy. And now you have to send me those two group pictures!

  2. Your blogs make me so happy! You write so well! I look forward to each and everyone of your posts. Your energy, zest for life and love of your children is contagious! Keep up the good work!