Thursday, April 19, 2012

A Rich Legacy

leg·a·cy: something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past

Legacy. It sounds like a word you only hear in books, text books to be more precise. But it is something we are all a part of. We wouldn't be here today without our ancestors, predecessors, and the things that they've passed on. Whether it be knowledge, material possessions, a "name"... something you cling to from the past. What is your legacy?

I am blessed to have a rich legacy. The legacy I am referring to goes back only one generation and it is what my parents have given to me... what they have given to their grandchildren. Something I hope to pass on.

A Legacy of Love

Today is my parents 26th anniversary. 26 years ago on April 19th my parents were poor, way too young, and in love. They got married on the front steps of a friend's house in North Dakota where they were stationed at the time. They hardly knew anyone there, but did it matter?? 26 years say no.

Mom and Dad met in the air force after dad spotted her through a window using a pay phone. They became friends thanks to their roommates and then started dating. This picture was taken on New Years Eve right before dad was deployed to Turkey:

He was gone for a year with a short summer visit in there somewhere, but was back for good in January after cancelling an order to Germany that he had originally put in for... just so mom would marry him.

Through deployments, moving state to state and country to country, a decade plus some of military life, raising three (now four!) children, struggling to get by, and hardships that I was probably never made aware of, they are still together and still in love. They serve as a wonderful example of marriage. A legacy of love.

A Legacy of Faith
Even greater and richer than the love they've exemplified is the faith that they have in HIS love.

Mom and Dad were reintroduced to a loving, personal Savior by Dad's supervisor in North Dakota, Mark Wilz. Mark will forever be a part of our legacy. Mark gave Dad a bible before he was deployed to Turkey and then got in touch with him again when he got back to the states. They started studying God's word together and in February of 86 Mom and Dad started visiting church with him. Mark was also the man who married mom and dad after convincing them not to go to the Justice of Peace; they were married at his house, on his front steps, and surrounded by the people they hardly knew from the church they visited with him!
Mark baptized them anew on (roughly) March 27th in a freezing cold North Dakota baptistry. Afterwards, they went to eat at Ground Round soaking wet. They started living their lives for Him from that day forward and it is clearly evident in all they do.

Mom and Dad have passed on this rich legacy to all four of their children and now their grandchild as well. A legacy of love and faith. One that will permeate our lives and the lives of our children and their children.

It all started with a boy looking through a window at a girl making a phone call home to let her mom know that she made it North Dakota...where ever that was.

Happy 26th Anniversary Mom and Dad. Thank you for your legacy.


  1. Such a sweet story and wonderful way to show your love to your parents! I also enjoy reading or hearing about how couples meet and fall in love!

  2. Kelli, this is beautiful. What a great tribute to your parents.