Sunday, February 19, 2012

Big Machine Day at McWane

This weekend Eli's cousins came to town! I don't think the way his face lights up when he sees them will EVER get old!

As soon as they arrived at our apartment Eli was ready to wrestle! The weekend consisted of wrestling, lots of hugs, wrestling, going to McWane, wrestling, eating lots of yummy food, wrestling, and.... oh, did I mention wrestling?? Eli is definitely starting to hold his own; it was funny to see him take Owen down! The boys were such good sports about Eli constantly climbing on top of them!

On Saturday we spent the day at the McWane! They had rigs, forklifts, firetrucks, and other "big machines" set up outside. The boys were able to get up close to them and even sit inside them - they thought it was great!

The rest of the museum was fun and exhausting as always! We only lost Owen ONCE, so it was a successful trip! The boys had fun exploring all of the exhibits!

It was both a fun and tiring whirlwind weekend for everyone! We wish we lived closer to family, but these visits will be special memories throughout the years!

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