Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Roadtrip To See Some Very Important People

Last weekend we drove out to Searcy to meet up with Kayla and Lindsay, my two best friends from college! It was a 6 hour trip and Eli did GREAT! Not a single tear on the ride there or on the way back! The drive consisted of a LOT of Aladdin, Skinamarink, and totally healthy (NOT!) snackage.

I was really unsure of how Eli would do, but I knew that it had to be done one way or the other! Lindsay was back from Africa for a short few weeks and this was the only chance that Kayla and I had to see her! The last time we saw her was April 2011 on another visit home! She is still in the Peace Corps now and is almost done with her 2 year contract; this summer she returns home!

We had such a great time together and it was so fun to see Lindsay and Kayla play with Eli! They are wonderful aunts :) Of course we were too busy talking and catching up to take many pictures.... but we got a few!

Lindsay and Kayla are the once in a lifetime kind of friends. The kind that you cling to no matter what because you know that your bond with them is special, meaningful, and different. Not everyone experiences this kind of friendship. I am so blessed to have them in my life; they have been by my side through so many milestones in my life, they know me sometimes better than I know myself! I pray that Eli finds relationships like I have with them one day!

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  1. those are beautiful friendships... i too am blessed to have some of those special ladies in my life, and it is an absolute gift from Above.
    side note- i came to know your blog, through Kayla. i've known her most of her life (grew up in Searcy together, tho i'm several years older)and you certainly have a great girlfriend in her. thank you for so transparently sharing your life with the blog world.
    God is faithful, and His promises can be trusted. saying continued prayers for your family