Thursday, June 16, 2011

9 Months!

Yesterday Eli turned 9 months old! I just can't believe how the time flies!

Here is a little update on my 9 month old :) This is why we are blessed...

Eli is adventurous!
He climbs, crawls like a mad man, cruises all around the room, pulls up on everything, and yesterday he took his FIRST two steps! He was holding on to the couch one second and then he let go and took two steps by himself before falling! He has come a long way from where he was a few months ago when he was falling and bumping into everything!

Eli is smart!

I can see him thinking about things and figuring things out! Whether it's how to get a toy from a high place or moving something that is in the way of his walker so he can move, he is definitely a thinker! He also said his first word yesterday (besides "mama" and "dada")! It was "Boo" the name of our dog! He has also has been clapping for a few weeks now, especially when he gets excited!

Eli is joyful!
Sometimes all I have to do to make him laugh is look at him from across the room! He is just such a HAPPY child! It brings such joy to me, seeing him smile and hearing him laugh! In fact, I can't even put Eli to sleep at night anymore! When I try to rock him or get him to settle down he starts giggling! Only his daddy has the magic!

Eli is healthy!
Ever since starting to use formula, Eli has really started to chunk up! He knows what "milk" means and he gets so excited when he sees his bottle. He's also eating pretty much everything that Daniel and I eat (but then again, this has been typical for the past 2 months!). He has three teeth now! About 2 weeks ago the top right tooth came in and I can see the other top tooth about to pop out!

Eli is a lover!
Even as active and crazy as he is, he still loves to cuddle with mommy and daddy! He has moments during the day where he reaches up to me and just wants to snuggle up in my lap. It absolutely melts my heart! It's what being a mom is all about!

I am so not deserving of this adventurous, smart, joyful, healthy, loving baby boy! Thank you Lord for showering blessings on us!

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