Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Superbowl Weekend

This past weekend the Packers played the Steelers in Eli's first Superbowl! Packers won, but we didn't really care since the Bears weren't playing in it! There's always next year!

Kayla and Chris came for the weekend and it was SO good to see them! We hadn't seen them since October at their wedding (and Eli was only 2 weeks old!). We had so much fun catching up, hanging out, cooking, watching movies, and talking about the future! We really wish that they lived closer so that we could see them more often. We don't have many people here that we can relate to: young, newly married, poor. Haha! So it was nice to actually have hours of real, genuine conversation. It was so fun to see them with Eli too! They are going to be amazing parents one day, but for now they can stay the cool Aunt and Uncle!

We were sad to see them go on Monday morning, but hopefully we will see them in April when we take a trip out to Searcy for Spring Sing!

p.s. Today is Kayla's birthday and I must say, I'm so glad that she was born 23 years ago! She is a beautiful person and an awesome friend! Love you Kayla!

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